“I left my heart in Sison!”

These were the words of the 5th district Solon during the Sison SK pre-Valentine celebration held at the town’s plaza on February 12, 2011. The activity put constraints on her tight schedule but she deemed the occasion a crucial event to attend to emphasize the need of a productive interaction between the youth and the government. Dr. Jose Rizal said that the youth is the hope of the nation, which is ideally the truth. However, from a different perspective, the youth, when unguided and misdirected could also be the downfall of the nation. It is therefore imperative that they be given the guidance and direction to tread on so that they may brighten the light of hope for a brighter future for themselves and for the nation.

As the occasion’s guest of honor and speaker, the congresswoman issued a call to action; “Mahalin natin ang ating bayan! Tignan natin ang ating sarili! Review back ourselves, ano ang mga dapat nating baguhin!” referring to the different organizations and institutions, public or private, that comprise the municipality. She urged the schools, churches and other institutions to take part in the nation building; “Turuan natin ang mga kabataan sa mabuting asal (teach the youth good manners) by example and not by words! Maging totoo sa kapwa, sa Diyos, at sa bayan!(be true to fellow beings, to God and to the country) All good things will happen if only all will contribute to the best!” the Solon said.

Before she descended the stage, the Solon faced the youth that jam-packed the plaza and said, “CHOOSE TO DO WHAT IS RIGHT!”


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