The dredging activity started in Barangay Camanang, Urdaneta City on May 5, 2011 in conformity with the plans previously set at the city mayor’s office a day earlier. However, the heavy dredging equipments brought to the site were inoperative against the thick sludge covering the bottom of the irrigation ditch.

The hydrema machine is no match for the thick sludge in Brgy. Camanang irrigation ditch.

A push from behind

Congresswoman Kimi Cojuangco’s emissary and project assistant, Mark Cojuangco, was frustrated with the result of the day’s activity but he affirmed to return to continue with the dredging with some new and probable schemes to beat the sludge that also consist of rubbishes that were thrown in the waterway.

A backhoe breaking itself away from the thick sludge

Wholly, the plan is to be able to construct a radial gate at a designated location along the irrigation ditch in Barangay Camanang to improve the waterways that run through the farmlands and also to eliminate the constant flooding of the area. The radial gate is a contraption that is easily manageable to open or close even at a strong pressure exerted by gushing water. Examples of this are the radial gates that control the outburst of water at San Roque Dam’s spillway. However, that of Camanang is a tiny version of the colossal radial gates of the dam.

The contraption is not new to the government’s National Irrigation Authority (NIA) but its use is not fully encouraged because they prefer to stick with conventional gates because it could be of lesser effort and easier to construct. Most still rely on traditional methods and other accustomed practices; hindering further explorations and study of potential enhancements that may advance the technology to global competitiveness.

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