The following is written by a young Filipino blogger and probably reflects the opinion of many young people today. They may not have the credibility that comes with age but they do have the candor or youth behind them. These are the future beneficiaries of the RH Bill and they obviously recognize the need for such legislation in the Philippines.

This child has spoken clearly for the children. In the Filipino culture, the voice of children is usually unheard, but perhaps that custom is also another that is slowly changing just as the RH Bill is posed to change the way reproductive health is managed in this country. More and more young people are stepping forward to express their opinions even if it means going against those of their parents.

This outspokenness does not mean an erosion of the old respected customs; perhaps we should look at it as the youth do; that these changes are merely part of our cultural evolution. As the old saying goes, “The bamboo that bends is stronger than the oak that resists”. The Filipino culture is changing as we speak and the young people acknowledge this. We can bend with the times or we can allow it to break us.

…These things are supposed to be taken care of and loved and not to be treated like a blemish that you can diminish in an instant. I’m not even at my twenties yet and I understand what the Philippine RH Bill is trying to tell us better than those 100 gazillion year old people who only thinks about their pride and how the RH Bill would kill people, which it won’t.

       Everything is not about money, but how can you care for your family if you only have love to give and you do not have the capability to provide your family’s needs? Is your love enough to make them full and feel contented? The government is not always thinking of ways to spend and save money in the Philippines, they are just thinking of ways to give the people better lives where we do not have to go through the same unfortunate experiences over and over again. I also think the Reproductive Health Bill is not pertaining to everyone. It is just pertaining to people who are physically, mentally, emotionally and socially not ready for the responsibility of having children. I know we have different opinions on this, but this bill is not killing anybody, it is just preventing people who are not ready to take on the responsibility of becoming parents. Abortion is what the Philippine Government is preventing. Killing innocent children is what the RH Bill is avoiding.

I am not against the Catholic Church or anything but I always get annoyed when they add divorce in the argument about the RH Bill. It is NOT ABOUT MARRIAGE, it is ABOUT THE CHILDREN. I just feel that they don’t understand what really is going on because they couldn’t have children of their own. They just do feeding programs to a number of people a couple of times a year, do bible study sessions to a number of children a couple of times a month and tell them to go and multiply every week then they just pray for the souls of the hungry everyday. What about the children who they cannot reach out to? What about the millions of women who are going through abortion every year? What about the children who die of hunger because their parents are incapable of providing? What about the mothers who sell their children to buy food because their husbands are too busy drinking, gambling and doing drugs? And what about the children who end up being tortured and treated like pigs by syndicates who force them to beg for money?  What can we do for them? Nothing! Isn’t that more alarming?

Please don’t get me wrong, I know we have different opinions on this, but you should also understand where the poor people are coming from. We know how it feels to get hurt when Filipinos are mistakenly being branded as bums because of poor education and lack of opportunities. We know how it feels when we let people step on our pride so they can lend us money for us to start over then squeeze us till we’re dry to get their money back. We know how it feels to be defeated by life over and over again and we’re not sure if we still have the strength to stand up and carry on.

I am pro life that is why I am in favor of the RH Bill.
Please open your eyes, more children are getting hurt because of ignorance.

Please, consider the RH Bill

Please, stop abortion.


SOURCE:  Czarina Cajigas – Me and My Glambitio

By 5thdistrictpangasinan Posted in RH

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