Kimi and co-solons pose for mug shot

Source: Manila Bulletin, November 25, 2011 issue (STUDENTS & CAMPUSES, Schools, colleges & universities) F-2

The controversy of the abhorrent mug shots issue of Pampanga Representative and former president, Gloria Macapagal Arroyo, has become symbolic of the very nature of the charges filed against her for electoral fraud.

However, a mug shot need not always be a hideous icon of atrocity. Any negative image can be devised to represent something positive and productive.

In support of the advocacy of Kabataan Party-list Representative Raymond Palatino to induce the public into reading, Pangasinan 5th District Representative Kimi Cojuangco and several others posed for mug shots, showing their favorite books, in an attempt to spur everyone into a reading mania, especially the youth.

The incursion of modern technology that continues to proliferate nonstop resulted in major degradation of reading among Filipinos, some would surmise. “Why do we have to punish ourselves reading books when all we have to do now is to press the button and the answer to our queries appears in seconds?” a geodetic engineer said. “Buy your kids desktop computers or laptops instead, this is the fad. Or else they can’t be part of the new generation”, he warned.

However, Rep. Kimi Cojuangco, and surely most educators, would beg to differ. A long time proponent of good education, Cojuangco has always stressed during her talks and lectures, the importance of reading to one’s overall education. “Reading provides one better cognition and communication skills”, she always says.

Admittedly, the digital age has dawned and it has been embraced by young Filipinos which is well and good. However, the traditional literary medium is not quite obsolete yet. Whether presented digitally or in books, words still carry a lot of influence; and books and literature should not be dismissed quite so casually just yet.

Representative Cojuangco still believes in the strength of having a good literary foundation in order to be able to utilize all that this new digital age has to offer.

Just as the World Wide Web is opening up the world to everyone, books were the first gateway that allowed a person to visit places, experience cultures and interact with people that would not otherwise have been possible in one’s lifetime.

Books still do all that and more and should still be an integral part of educating our youth. The digital and technological mediums are mere enhancements to the pleasure and fulfillment achieved through reading.

A child who is taught to love reading will become a lifetime learner. And if a mug shot can spark even the slightest interest to read, then the lady Solon is first in line to pose.

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