Once again Urdaneta celebrates its annual City Fiesta. It is a time for the people to come together and celebrate the wonder that is Urdaneta. An event such as this is also a chance to reflect on the city and look back on how much it has grown over the years.

When celebrating a place like Urdaneta, it is important to look back and see how it got to where it is today. What started as a pueblo back in 1858 has become a bustling and thriving city. By looking back we see how great things can come from small beginnings. It reveals the path that lead to the Urdaneta we know today. By looking back we also learn how to move forward.

As much as the city has grown, there is still more that awaits it in the future. Looking back allows us to see what obstacles were faced and knowing this enables us to overcome similar obstacles the city may face in the future. What we learn in the past makes us stronger, pushing us towards a better future. The road Urdaneta is on is far from over. It is true that the city has grown but I believe it will continue to grow, continually getting better, making it a better place for its residents.

So take this time to look back and at the same time look ahead. In the years to come, Urdaneta City will continue growing for the better and that is something to celebrate.

Click this Photo to view More Photos during the Urdaneta City Grand Parade and Other Activities

By 5thdistrictpangasinan Posted in District

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