Former Senator, Ernesto Maceda’s SEARCH FOR THE TRUTH (The Philippine Star) December 24, 2011 venerates 36 out of the 285 members of the House of Representatives. Maceda said that the yearend achievers have been active and done good work. One among those that were given the regard is Pangasinan 5th District Representative, Kimi Cojuangco.


Nonetheless, it’s not surprising that Cojuangco was given the accolade. Her intense perseverance to fit her district into global competition is remarkably making record. While she is contending with broader issues on the congressional floor, she is not one to be remiss of her other duties in her district. Her constituents feel the immense and synchronized transitions that are currently in headway. Through all the issues, projects and activities, the congresswoman remains self-possessed, maintaining a balance and a focus on her prime objective which is to serve the people.


What were once thought by skeptics as projects-in-the-air and too farfetched to achieve because of their enormity, their need to provide colossal funding and tough political will, many have already been completed and a lot are also currently on the rise while more are burgeoning on the planning table. The dogged determination and immense efforts of the congresswoman to bring progression in her district did not go unnoticed by the ever watchful former senator AND THE CONGRESSWOMAN’S CONSTITUENTS.



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