Once again Pozorrubio celebrates its town fiesta. This year the town turns 142, a truly spectacular occasion. Reaching such a milestone is no easy thing, it was only possible through the unity and hard work of the people of Pozorrubio.

Each year, the town grows, continuously becoming better and better. Each year, you become stronger, able to handle any obstacles that come along. That is why the town still stands today. In each and every resident of Pozorrubio is a strength that cannot be matched. Strength that can stand through the strongest of winds and the fiercest of storms. A strength that has kept the town alive for 142 years.


It is that strength the will keep Pozorrubio alive and growing for years to come. Take this time to celebrate the town’s life and to prepare for what’s in store in the years to come. The path ahead may not always be easy, but it is undoubtedly a path that will lead to greatness. I have no doubt that Pozorrubio will keep on its path, forever strong towards development, towards greatness.

By 5thdistrictpangasinan Posted in District

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