Tremendous ovation greeted Pangasinan 5th district solon, Kimi Cojuangco, by the huge crowd that jam-packed the Villasis Auditorium as she appeared at the entryway to attend the Barangay Night of the town’s founding anniversary celebration on January 18, 2012 being the Guest of Honor and Speaker of the evening.

Mayor Libradita Abrenica and husband, former mayor Nonato Abrenica, took the delight to wait for the congresswoman at the entryway to give honor to her arrival. The members of the Saggunian Bayan also joined the welcoming party that ushered the congresswoman in, making casual stops at almost every step to greet the people inside the auditorium to her seat.

Meeting the people at the grassroots level always inspires the lady solon to move on because they are the genuine representation of the true state of the nation. What are not apparent in the congressional floor are seen in their faces; the lives they make and the survival that they grapple with daily. They keep her grounded and focused on her true mission which is to serve the people

At that particular evening, the congresswoman took the moment to congratulate everyone that made Villasis progressive; the leaders and the constituents, each contributing their specific roles that were all attuned to the town’s evolution.

She also grabbed the moment to render her year-end accomplishment report that generated loud complimentary responses from the crowd.

Her detailed report aggrandized the occasion and motivated for a more dedicated service from among the many barangay officials, organizations and all other entities that were present that night.

Click this Photo to view more photos during the event

by loejan anudon

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