Representative Kimi Cojuangco files Bill 6701 requiring teachers to also pass another exam which is the Proficiency Assessment Test (PAT) before they could be employed in any public school in the country. The measure is one good formula that will open up enormous and certain possibilities to ensure ultimate competence among the teachers and an urgent step to stop the alarming degradation and deterioration of Philippine education.

The bill also aims to end the rampant “items for sale” and “political padrino” that has plagued the legal and honest hiring procedures orchestrated by unscrupulous leaders manning the system and who take ill advantage of the vulnerability of the applicants. The vile activity also extends in the promotion of teachers that has become virulent that cripples the decency of the noble profession. However, it is a requirement for the teachers to pass the current Licensure Examination for Teachers (LET) to qualify for the PAT. The exam shall be applicable only to new aspiring teachers.
However, this does not affect teachers who have already acquired permanent status.

The Bill is not without its critics, some assert that the Dep-ed’s LET that is recognized by the government nationwide should be enough and that the additional exam is redundant.
They aver that the new assessment is unfair to those who have already passed the LET.

Inasmuch as mayors have the authority to choose who to hire, there ought to be an objective system that’s why it is imperative to have this new assessment exam. The teachers will be ranked based on the result of their exam which will also be the basis for their hiring. This scheme is a “win-win” effort that will also ensure honest hiring procedures and, thus, eliminating the “palakasan” arrangements. Public schools gain teachers of caliber and students gain a higher quality of education. The bill, if passed, will induce a better outlook to public school teachers who will gain a well-deserved pride and confidence in their profession; characteristics that usually transfers to their effectiveness in the classrooms.

Public schools in both elementary and high school used to be looked down upon as being below the standards of private schools. This bill will surely elevate public school’s reputation to be at par or better with their private counterparts. Clandestine facts relate that parents send their children to public schools only because of financial incapability. The bill will ultimately gain the trust of parents to public school education.

During her term as mayor of the municipality of Sison, Pangasinan, Congresswoman Cojuangco takes so much pride of her constituent teachers but always warned that she will not mind the heads that will roll just to preserve the dignity and restore the general level of confidence and optimism within the system in her area of influence.

The congresswoman knew so well of the vile activities and the flaws of the current education system in the country particularly in both, the elementary and high school from its grassroots level. This is what compels her to file a bill to stop the furtherance of the abuses that are already ingrained in the system. She wants a complete reform – a legacy that will eventually benefit us all and create positive twists for the new generations to come.

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