The incumbent Pangasinan 5th District Representative, Kimi Cojuangco, won a second term in congress by an overwhelming landslide over her rival. Returning to the House of Representatives as a second term congresswoman, she is no longer the novice representative but will be a seasoned veteran, all the more qualified to lead her constituents to greater things.

Political contenders immediately amplified their campaign strategies at the start of the campaign season which started after midnight of March 31, 2013; vying to put their names forward for the 2013 senatorial and local polls. While many chose elaborate schemes to gain the attention of voters, the 5th District representative chose a simpler plan of action.

Instead of holding colossal rallies or using mass media advertisements to garner votes, the congresswoman instead continued the grassroots movement that she has become known for: reaching out to the people directly, face to face and one on one. It is a strategy that served her well as mayor and congresswoman. It is what gives her the insight and unique perspective to empathize with and to foresee the needs of those she serves.

During the election season, she was out and ready to go before the sun has even fully risen, utilizing a motorcade to visit every barangay in her district. Braving the heat of the summer sun, armed with what became her signature floppy hat, scarf and her winning smile, she rode through dusty roads aboard a kaleidoscopic lorry.

Barangay residents who otherwise would be ensconced inside their houses and under the shade of trees to escape the summer heat came out in cheerful droves at the sound of her motorcade to catch a glimpse of their champion. The motorcade was often accompanied by allies who were also running for different positions in the province, district, city or municipality. At every barangay they visited, the streets were lined with supporters who came out to cheer and dance along with the parade, passing cars honked to show their support and tricycle drivers waved with enthusiasm at the sight of their representative. Most enthusiastic among her supporters were the women and children who have benefited the most from the various programs initiated during her congressional term. The lady Solon drew energy from their infectious smiles and good cheer. Bolstered by their zeal, the congresswoman of the 5th District was rejuvenated to continue the fight.

The triumphant result of the elections confirmed the overwhelming approval and support of those in the 5th District of Pangasinan for their beloved representative. The hope for ongoing success and progress in the region continues for yet another congressional term.

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