Rep. Kimi Cojuangco highlights Urdaneta City Fiesta 2013 Grand Parade

     Another year has passed and once again Urdaneta City celebrates its beginning. The city has come a long way since it was founded. With every passing year Urdaneta continues to grow and develop.

    As we move towards the future, it is important to remember our past and where we came from. The same is true for Urdaneta. The city has grown and come a long way since it was founded. With every step it takes with it its rich heritage and culture. 

   The city’s past, and that of its people, helps it forge ahead into the future. With Urdaneta’s rich past, the trials faced and overcome, the lessons learned, the achievements earned, I am certain it can face the challenges ahead and will continue towards greatness.

     Let us use this opportunity to celebrate our beautiful city. Celebrate the road that led us here. Celebrate the city’s history and future. Be proud of all the progress Urdaneta has seen. Most of all be proud of yourselves as people of Urdaneta for you are the reason behind its greatness.

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Urdaneta City Fiesta 2013 Grand Parade


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